18 May, 2009

Crane Wife

Illustrated wedding card for my mother's friend.
Creamy cardstock, dark brown ink, and three colored pencils.

08 May, 2009



hi internet!
both of my computers are presently taking virus-wrought naps.
as such, i can't really update my blogs, but i'll be back with new posts soon.

in the mean time, make sure to check out my main website, which i was just able to renovate:

and if you're in the area of davis, california, come see me at indie davis this saturday. i'll have a little booth full of never-before-seen things!

well, see you soon(ish)!

04 April, 2009

Liam's Monkey

Knit as a birthday gift for the cutest five-year-old I know.
It took ~6 hours. No pattern or reference used.

Sloth: Most Majestic of All Animals

I'm bad at titles, okay?

This was actually the project that started my obsession with knit animals. I made her about five months ago, but only recently took pictures.
Also, this is the only one I've kept for myself. Sloths are my favorite!

16 March, 2009

Slog it Out

Knit in two pieces, made up as I went along, finished in about 4 hours.
A gift for the same friend that received the lobster. She'll soon be able to start a collection of off-beat, knitted animals!

03 March, 2009

White Sketchsheet

Various sketches on various bits of white paper.

Brown Sketchsheet

I found a brown paper sketchbook on sale! Here's a small collage of some things I've done with it.

14 February, 2009


I signed up for a lolita valentines exchange, and as luck would have it, I was matched with one of my friends!
Made with scissors, construction paper, and glue.

Happy valentine's day!

29 January, 2009

Checkered Scarf

The pattern is from Knitty.

Go Lightly

11 January, 2009


Self portrait: sharpies, white cardboard, photoshop, kaleidoscopic mindset

10 January, 2009

The Dopiest Owl

Knit for my other best friend for his birthday!
Because I am a bat, and he is an owl.
The pattern was made up as I went along.

05 January, 2009

Dorm-Warming Lobster

This was knit for my best friend as a farewell/dorm-warming gift.
The pattern came from here, except I modified it a bit in places. I'm pretty sure the original wasn't holding a gummy bear!

03 January, 2009

I Like You

(I'm not the best at dealing with my emotions)